Wes and Rachelle Siegrist

I met Wes and Rachelle at one of the national art shows we exhibited at and everyone’s first impression is that they are truly genuinely nice folks and are very devoted to each other. I like to joke that they paint “a little” because of their expertise in creating internationally collected miniature art. Everyone at art shows are jealous over the fact that their whole exhibit can be brought in – in one box.

But great things in this case come in small packages. Their art typically measures no more than 9 square inches and if you get close with a magnifying glass, you’ll see even more detail than with the naked eye – which is pretty remarkable. Most of their subject matter is wildlife, portraiture or ships.

Wes and Rachelle have an unprecedented and history-in-the-making ongoing museum exhibition tour featuring over fifty of their miniature paintings that premiered in 2010 and is currently scheduled into 2023. A comprehensive overview of the Siegrists’ nationally touring museum exhibition may be viewed at: Museum Exhibitions.

Wes and Rachelle regularly exhibit in major wildlife expositions and shows in the United States and currently participate in numerous international miniature art exhibitions. They have exhibited their miniatures in museum venues such as Birds in Art (Both Artists are in the Woodson Museum’s Permanent Collection), Art of the Animal Kingdom, the Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibitions (Rachelle has received their highest honor, The Award of Excellence, three times.) and the Smithsonian Institution.

You can see a few samples of their work here, and see more at their web site artofwildlife.com. You may also see their work, purchase originals or schedule a commission of your own through SportingArtisans.com.