Last Days of Summer

It’s the time of year that used to be my favorite until I found out in Northern Michigan what comes after it. But Fall is still up there with Spring. This year, I’m getting ready for the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA – just before Thanksgiving. 

And this year is a new beginning with the relaunch of this art web site and my retail web site called Sporting Artisans. Since 2008, I had a vision of just what I wanted, but wasn’t able to quite articulate it and make it happen. And I have a penchant for wandering off into different directions. It was Pro Web Marketing up here in Traverse City that came to my rescue. This fall, they were able to put together the sites I always envisioned. 

So for me, Fall this year is a new beginning and thanks to all my friends at Pro Web Marketing. These wildflowers from the yard are for you.