Marvin’s Shadow

This was my first commission and Marvin asked that I write this on the painting. Shadow went everywhere with Martin. Marvin insisted I take photos myself and invited me to Greenville, NC to take pictures – and offered fly me down. I remember telling him that I’d save money by trying to come by when I was in the area for work – we often saw each other at retriever field trials. I thought it would be nice to save Martin any money travel would cause. A friend who knew Martin said, “You don’t understand. When Martin said he would fly you down, it meant he’d send his private jet to pick you up.”

Martin was a very influential guy. He had pictures of himself with Clinton on Air Force One. But on top of that, he was a very nice guy and I had a wonderful time stying with him and his wife.

Shadow passed not long afterwards. And so sadly, Martin did as well. If you look at the painting, it lives up to its name. Shadow’s shadow is on Martin.


Size: Apx: 30″ x 20″