Leigh H. Perkins 1927 – 2021

I just heard that Leigh Perkins passed. Leigh was a brother and uncle to two of my dearest, closest friends and was also a friend. I love people with a good sense of humor and he had it. He came from a family that was very successful and he could have spent most of his days just hunting and fishing. But his father advised him to make something of himself and after working the mines in northern MN, he went out and bought a little company called Orvis in the early 60’s and made it into the company it is today. Long before I met anyone in the Perkins family, I had desparately wanted to move from AZ to VT and work for Orvis in 1987. I responded to an ad for a designer and flew from Tucson to Providence and then drove up to Manchester for my interview. I didn’t get the job, but I remember seeing pictures of Leigh all over the place. Who would have known that someday I’d be seeing him in person everytime I went down to Georgia and Florida. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Annie and everyone of us who loved him.