Leaving Early

One of my favorite artists and friends passed away a few years ago. George Northup was someone I just instantly liked.  We met at a plantation dinner party just before the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. He was somebody and I was nobody. It was my first national show. But he took the time to chat with me and eventhough I was not exactly on his level, he acted like it, giving me advice and helping me understand how the art world works.

Eventually I started an on line art site and invited him to be on it and he immediately said yes. Having a well-known and respected sculptor on a new web site was a big boost to the site and my enthusiasm. His sculptures doubled as gorgeous lamps – one of my favorites was of flushing quail called “Leaving Early.” No one else created anything quite like what he created. I made friends through his art. But most of all, I loved having his work on the site because it is so good.

I remember calling him, and he’d always answer “Hello Chris!” in a tone that was as if he hadn’t heard from his closest friend in years. I will miss that and I can still hear him. As I get older, it seems the list of good friends gets shorter for some reason. I guess it’s all just because of time, distance, social distancing, lack of communication or miscommunication. Unfortunately it is age that seems to take away friends as we get older.

He passed away suddenly a few years ago. I no longer carry his sculptures on my web site, but his memory remains. I invite you to look at his work and if interested, get in touch with anyone that represents him and get ’em while they last. It will also greatly help his family.

Take care George. I really wish you wouldn’t have left so early.