David Lanier

David and I met at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival and like me, he’s a deeply committed Christian who is simply a wonderful guy. Southern Gentleman fits perfectly because he is very polite, friendly and soft-spoken. But his art speaks louder than words, and I love his talent and incredible attention to detail.

David was born, raised and still lives in Albany, Georgia, and very few is any artists know the wildlife, landscapes and culture of South Georgia like David. David says, “The decision to paint wildlife was an easy one. I believe it is my purpose in life to show others the beauty that surrounds us and, hopefully, point people to the Divine Creator whose work I can only imitate. We are so blessed to live on such a diverse planet where the natural world is so alluring. How mundane it would be if our geography resembled that of the moon or Mars. I choose to believe that God created this world to keep us in a constant state of wonder and amazement, and it is because of that fascination that I paint the scenes and animals that I do.”

You can purchase an original, commission an original painting or buy a print from David at his web site dlanier.com.