C.D. Clarke

I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time in South Georgia and at art shows with my friend C.D. Clarke. I like to tell him that I admire his ability to paint in such a way that it makes me feel like I’m actually in the scene he’s painting. Part of this is the fact he paints on location much of the time. The other part is that he’s simply a very talented artist.

I particularly love his oils. He has the ability to apply thick paint to get the light and color just right.

C.D. Clarke travels the world hunting, fishing and painting. He carries his art supplies on his back so that he can paint on location. People who commission him to do a painting can can go with him on his sporting trips, or they can invite C.D. to come along on theirs.

Boats, leaky waders, fishing rods, wet wool, bird dogs, decoys and shotguns are integral parts of C.D.’s life. He paints them with a sportsman’s understanding, making his work essential to the true sportsman’s art collection.

C.D. Clarke was born in Rochester, NY and received his BFA in painting from Syracuse University in 1981. His life long interest in the outdoors, hunting and fishing in particular, has made it a subject for a substantial portion of his work. C.D. prefers to work from life whenever possible, painting in the field, en plein aire. C.D.’s paintings come alive to the viewer, as if the viewer were actually there.