Buckminster Fuller

I was a student at John Denver’s Windstar Foundation in the summer of 1981, and one of our prestigious guests was Buckminster Fuller. I decided to paint a watercolor portrait of him. We had an 86th birthday party for him at Windstar and John Denver and my friend Jimmy Ibbotson attended. It was a big deal for me. So I showed this painting to him at the party and he was so impressed he wanted a print of it. I promised I’d paint him another original. He signed this for me and it is still hanging on my wall.

I painted another and gave it to John Denver backstage in Tucson a year later, but it got lost, which is understandable given the fact fans gave him so many things. Bucky as we called him, died not long afterwards and I have no idea where the other painting ended up.


Size: Apx: 17″ x 12″