Leaving Early

One of my favorite artists and friends passed away a few years ago. George Northup was someone I just instantly liked.  We met at a plantation dinner party just before the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. He was somebody and I was nobody. It was my first national show. But he took the time to chat with me and eventhough I was not exactly on his level, he acted like it, giving me advice and helping me understand how the art world works. Eventually I started an on line art site and invited him to be on it and he immediately… Read More »


As I get older, I find I miss the desert more and more. On a recent visit back to Tucson, I went up to Sabino Canyon and took a lot of pictures and decided to do a graphite of a saguaro. It is in progress and I’ll post the finish soon. 

Herding Cats

  When I was exhibiting at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, last November, my friend Sallie asked me to paint a portrait of her daughter Kate’s Lab and Border Terriers for Christmas. There wasn’t much time, so I arranged with Kate’s husband Sam to meet him at the house so we could pose the dogs.  We both were thinking the same thing: How are we going to successfully get four dogs to pose together – especially when three of them are Border Terriers? It would be like herding cats. I rushed over to the house from the show… Read More »

Last Days of Summer

It’s the time of year that used to be my favorite until I found out in Northern Michigan what comes after it. But Fall is still up there with Spring. This year, I’m getting ready for the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA – just before Thanksgiving.  And this year is a new beginning with the relaunch of this art web site and my retail web site called Sporting Artisans. Since 2008, I had a vision of just what I wanted, but wasn’t able to quite articulate it and make it happen. And I have a penchant for wandering… Read More »

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