All that Remains of Chris

I got off Facebook recently. Probably a poor marketing move. I had close to 700 followers and 200 friends – many of whom I had no idea who they were. I soon realized that posting some new piece of art was shadow banned so that the same 20 people saw it. After 10 years, I figured that to get 50 people to see it, I had to pay. I am a slow learner. 

I also learned that I was the product and it wasn’t the other way around. So if I looked for fishing lures, a ton of ads started popping up everywhere. The fishing lure people figured Facebook out long before I did. But I am intensely private and it is so easy to spill everything and anything when looking at some inanimate computer screen and keyboard. I like current events and history. So posting opinions regarding events of the day also got me into trouble and more than a few lost friends and relatives. Gee, I’m going to miss them.

This is really all that remains of me. I can pontificate, bloviate and substantiate all I want here and no one can unfriend me. A lot of people have told me where to go anyway, but I am sure they aren’t reading this now. So here is where I’ll “strengthen the things that remain.” I’ll see if I can include a like button later.